More About Me

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Well, hello there!

I’m Carolina (pronounced Caroleena), a 34 year old Latina who works and plays in Dallas, TX. I’m a also a full time student pursuing a bilingual elementary teaching credential. Yes, that’s right…I’m gonna attempt to teach the youths of America. Oh boy.

The things I love the most are: exploring my city’s food scene, laughing hysterically with my friends, chair-dancing to 90’s hip hop, watching an embarrassing amount of movies, and oversharing all kinds of nonsense on the internet. 

This is the place where most of that nonsense gets left.



2 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Wow, I’ve learned more here than I could pick up from your blog posts so far… THANKS for the summary!!

    And just be patient… it will take some time for people to find their way to your blog.

  2. Fun Fact: I moved from Chicago to Salt Lake City. I stayed there for about a year or so before moving back. It was beautiful. I especially enjoyed waking up to the mountains every morning.

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