Things to Do in 2013

In honor of my 34th year, I’ve chosen 34 things to do in 2013.

So, I present (in no particular order) my list for 2013:

  1. FINALLY attend a yoga class
  2. Bake my favorite chocolate peanut butter cake
  3. Read 10 books (Currently, on book #5)
  4. Go out for authentic Dim Sum
  5. Go to the opera
  6. Explore a new city (Done)
  7. Volunteer at a shelter for abused children/families
  8. Open a Roth IRA
  9. Go watch roller derby
  10. Learn a new word every single day
  11. Attend “Sweat in the Park Boot Camp
  12. Watch The Godfather
  13. Go antiquing
  14. Ride the light rail into Dallas on a Saturday
  15. Participate in a mud run
  16. Go to an FC Dallas game
  17. Have a garage sale to get rid of things I don’t need
  18. Paint a picture on a canvas
  19. Go to Afternoon Tea 
  20. Take a Dallas Architecture Walking Tour
  21. Go to the drive-in movie
  22. Make one dish from every recipe book I own (which aren’t that many)
  23. Write and mail out one letter/card a month to someone I care about
  24. Take a spin class
  25. Take a solo road trip
  26. Plan a fantastic 34th birthday outing (Done)
  27. See a musical (Done)
  28. Try a new type of ethnic food (Ethiopian, Lebanese, Turkish, Brazilian)
  29. Attend a Farmer’s Market Chefs Cooking Class
  30. Start a vinyl collection
  31. Try a kickboxing class
  32. Eat vegan for 2 weeks
  33. Make a new friend
  34. Write in my journal for 30 days straight

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